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eBay Auctions

eBay is the leading auction marketplace and the top destination for reaching the largest possible community of buyers.  eBay charges listing fees as well as sales commission, so it requires strategic pricing and active management to sell successfully here.  eBay has spawned entire industries and has a wealth of information, so if you are new to eBay then start at the merchant information link on this page to learn more.

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  • Sales Commission
  • Listing Fee
Cost Model Description:

The cost to sell on eBay varies depending on which eBay site you're selling on, and how you list your item. When you sell an item, you're able to review your fees on the listing form before you submit your listing.

The fees fall into 3 categories:

  • Insertion fees: When you list an item, you're charged an insertion fee for the listing. The insertion fee is based on the starting price and the category of the item. If you specified a reserve price, the insertion fee is based on the reserve price amount.

  • Final value fees: If the item sells, you're charged a final value fee. This fee is based on the final sale price and category of the item. It does not include shipping costs.

    Note: For listings on eBay Motors this fee is called the successful listing fee. For listings in the eBay Real Estate category this fee is called the notice fee.

  • Listing upgrades: If you add upgrades to your listing, such as a subtitle or extra pictures, there's an additional charge for each listing upgrade.

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As the largest online marketplace, eBay has many restrictions.  Most notably, you cannot link to your website anywhere other than on your profile page of the eBay stores section of the marketplace.

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