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Bid4Assets is one of the first-to-market and most successful online real estate auction sites operating today. The company was founded in 1999. The idea for the company came from a real life experience after the founders stood on the steps of the courthouse in Baltimore, MD bidding on a piece of commercial real estate. After standing in the cold for several hours, along with several hundred other people, the entrepreneurs realized there was a better way to manage real estate auctions. Hence, Bid4Assets was conceived.

Bid4Assets auctions below market value real estate and personal property for private investors, the United States Marshals Service, The Department of Treasury and a growing list of counties throughout the United States. Since 1999, Bid4Assets has sold over 70,000 properties nationwide.

In October 2009, Matt Baker was hired as CEO. Matt’s single minded focus is for Bid4Assets to become the ‘go to’ marketplace for buying and selling value priced real estate – property valued at less than $100K. Matt’s vision included hiring new executive talent to work with the veteran management team in crafting the strategy, developing the plans and executing the vision to become an industry leader in the online real estate marketplace.

In October, 2010, Bid4Assets hosted one of the largest online real estate auctions in the history of the United States– over 13,000 properties, located in Wayne County, Michigan, were auctioned due to unpaid real estate taxes.

Bid4Assets is positioned to grow rapidly in the coming months as it works to revamp its website and offer more services to buyers and sellers that result in successfully closing real estate transactions for value priced real estate.

Bid4Assets also offers several other product categories, such as jewelry, collectibles, vehicles and apparel.


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Bid4Assets charges a flat $10 fee for each listing and Bid4Assets Auction Completion Fees are based on the final auction sales price/transaction amount. There are also additional a la carte services that can be added for additional fees.

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Google PageRank: 6
Alexa Ranking: 76844
Domain Age: 13 years, 88 days


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Prohibited items include:

  • Firearms, tobacco, pornographic materials
  • Non-licensed copyright materials, including, but not limited to designer replicas and unauthorized copies
  • Real estate auctions in which you are bidding on a down payment ("Bid & Assume"). The winning bid MUST be for the full purchase price of the property.
  • Mining Rights Claim Land Sales, Undivided Interest Land Sales
  • Any other type of item we find inappropriate, including, but not limited to all items or assets prohibited by law

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