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You are not currently not logged in. To save your favorites and other features, please login or Create a Free Account to see the full marketplace profile. ( was originally the idea of our founder, Chris Fain, a successful real auctioneer and online auction Power Seller. To improve the online auction experience, Mr. Fain formed a team of both professional online auction users and real Auctioneers. This team is proficient in both real auction marketing and online auction methods. is focused on continuing growth and education of our Industry. Our mission is to offer our customers an online auction experience that is user friendly, feature rich, fun, and economical. is an online auction that is committed and dedicated to the success of our customers, employees, and investors.

We know our "about us" is really about you, our customers! We created for you and our goal is to put the "fun" back into online auctions. We have been in your shoes, buying and selling items using online auctions. We are confident you will agree we have taken what we've learned and created a very special online auction.


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  • Subscription
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Our most competitive advantage is our flat $8 monthly membership fee. 's fee structure provides the opportunity for everyone to be a winner. Keeping fees low and invoicing simple leads to increased profit for sellers and better deals for buyers.


  • Low $8 monthly membership fee
  • No listing or re-listing fees
  • No final value fees (sales commissions)
  • Freedom to post personal website information with every listing
  • True competitive bidding - highest bid wins
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Alexa Ranking: 167971
Domain Age: 13 years, 89 days


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Items listed below are not allowed to be offered in any manner using, as compiled in accordance with law, combined with the valued input of our Users. Some items on this list may not be illegal to sell or own, but are currently adverse or unfitting to the interests and needs shared by the majority of our corresponding Users. We do our very best to fairly and properly serve all of our Users.

Illegal Items

  • There are many items that are not legal to buy or sell in the public market. The responsibility lies with you, our individual Users, in determining the legality in listing for sale, any item. We cannot possibly list here, all items currently being illegal. Sellers should inquire with proper authorities to determine the legality in selling any questionable items. It is our sincere concern to warn our Users of varying lawful penalties for selling or attempting to sell illegal items. It is our duty in maintaining as a place where all Users can feel good about visiting.

Government Controlled Substances and Prescription Medicines / Items.

  • Any drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, prescription medicines, prescription aids or eyewear are not allowed in auctions at This does not include collectible containers or packaging used for such items.

Pornography and Offensive Material

  • Any Item as being pornographic or offensively not suitable for open public viewing, as fairly determined by

Illegal to Own Animals or Illegal Animal Parts.

  • Any endangered or protected species, their parts or remains. Wild or non-captive bred animals. Any internal organs from any animals. Any animal or animal parts being illegal to sell or own. This does not include animals considered as common or legal pets, being listed in the appropriate Pets category. For more information on endangered species or questionable items, visit and contact The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
For Restrictions on Firearms and related items read our Firearms Category Userguide

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