Selling Online – The Importance of Customer Feedback

Feedback – Direct, Marketplace, and Social

If you are selling through online marketplaces, particularly the big ones, it is important to know that feedback can make or break you.  If you have positive feedback, buyers or more likely to purchase from you because they know that you are a trusted seller. If you have negative feedback, this will cause potential buyers to run the other way, right into the arms of your competitors.

If you are selling from your own website or store, feedback can be just as important to increase your direct sales.  Customer testimonials featured on your website increase buyer confidence and increase your sales conversion.  Additionally, given the reach of social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and others, having your customers sing your praise in their social universe can drive immediate new traffic and customers to your website through these trusted referrals from your happy customers.

How can you manage and build your customer feedback?  Once you get your first sale, do what you can to encourage the buyer to leave you good feedback (assuming their experience was a good one). Most regular users of the online marketplaces will probably do it anyway, since they know the importance to the seller.  For your direct customers, all you have to do is ask.

Things to Consider To Get Positive Feedback:

  1. Make sure your item description and picture accurately represent the item you are selling.
  2. Provide prompt and courteous correspondence with the buyer.
  3. Mail the item quickly, and pack it well so that the item does not become damaged in transit.
  4. Offer a return policy.
  5. Make sure the item price and shipping price are clear in your listing so that there is nothing unexpected in checkout.
  6. Be sure to leave positive feedback for the buyer as well (if warranted by things like quick payment). It is a good idea to wait until they have received their product and left you good feedback before you leave feedback for them. It is nice if you are specific with your feedback, saying things like, “Buyer paid within an hour! Would love to do business again! Thanks!”.
  7. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a 100% feedback rating. Just do your best and the ratings will reflect that.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to give you feedback and a positive seller rating.

Remember: Every repeat customer or direct referral you get makes getting your next sale that much easier!

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