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Choosing a Marketplace – Where to Sell Online

Having a web presence is essential in this day and age where ecommerce is such a prevalent part of business. One of the first steps to establishing such a presence is by having a website that showcases your products. However, simply creating a website does not mean that you are automatically going to have buyers flocking to your site and sales flowing in. Search engine optimization (SEO) and linkbuilding are important strategies to help you get some traffic, as is using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Another easy way to get your product and business brand in front of many eyeballs is to list products on online marketplaces. When exploring which online marketplaces you might like to try, there are some essential criteria to look at. They are: Cost Traffic and Popularity Ranking Permitting links back to your website Public seller profile There are over 60 marketplaces in our directory that are free to list products on, and of those, more than half are completely free (no selling commissions, monthly subscriptions, etc.). If you are on a tight … Continue reading

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Dropshippers – Where to find products to sell online

Whether you are selling through online marketplaces or on your own website, many sellers expand their inventory of products to sell by working with wholesale dropshippers. Finding true dropshippers and especially free dropshippers can be a challenge given the large amount of “fake” dropshippers and affiliate marketers promoting various programs online. The Marketplacester team has been involved with wholesalers and dropshippers for over a decade, and to help you find the best dropshipper options available, here are our official recommended sources for finding legitimate products to sell: Inventory Source – Free Dropship Directory and Dropship Automation Services Inventory Source has been providing free resources and dropship services since 2002, and provides access to a free dropship directory of verified, legitimate dropshippers that you can work with directly. Beyond the free dropshippers directory and finding products to sell, Inventory Source can provide you with an automated ecommerce website or manage your dropship products on your own website or marketing channels for you, making sure you always have accurate product information and do not sell out of stock items. With a range … Continue reading

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Ecommerce Marketing and Ecommerce SEO

All retail websites need to have an ecommerce marketing strategy, incorporating both the ecommerce SEO for your main website as well as overall marketing for your products and where to sell online beyond your own website. What is the best ecommerce marketing strategy, and what can you do for better ecommerce SEO? One option that should be used by every retail merchant is to sell on the available online marketplaces where you can list your products. There are many sites where you can list products for free, as well as various selling formats including auctions, classifieds, comparison shopping, and coupons or deal of the day sites. There are hundreds of places that you can list your products for sale and get a double-impact result for your ecommerce marketing. How does selling through online marketplaces help your SEO and ecommerce marketing strategy? Many existing marketplaces have high PageRank and the ability to create your own profile and link free of charge. Beyond that, the product listings you create can also often include links to your site, giving you added SEO in … Continue reading

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