Auctions: Alternatives to eBay

Are you selling online and using auctions, but frustrated with eBay fees?  Like many sellers, you may be looking for other ways to reach more shoppers and sell through auction websites, but without losing all of your money in listing fees.

You may be familiar with some of the other leading auction websites, such at ubid, ebid, overstock, and others.  But did you know there are literally hundreds of other marketplaces where you can list your products online, many of which are free?

If you are a Marketplacester member, then you have seen first hand the value of knowing everywhere that you can sell your products online.  Using the Markeplacester directory can give you a strategic advantage over your competition and help you grow your sales using online marketplaces.  With hundreds of outlets, including auction websites, classifieds, coupons, and others, you can find plenty of alternatives to ebay and sell more products.

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