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Whether you are selling through online marketplaces or on your own website, many sellers expand their inventory of products to sell by working with wholesale dropshippers. Finding true dropshippers and especially free dropshippers can be a challenge given the large amount of “fake” dropshippers and affiliate marketers promoting various programs online.

The Marketplacester team has been involved with wholesalers and dropshippers for over a decade, and to help you find the best dropshipper options available, here are our official recommended sources for finding legitimate products to sell:

wholesale dropshippersInventory Source – Free Dropship Directory and Dropship Automation Services
Inventory Source has been providing free resources and dropship services since 2002, and provides access to a free dropship directory of verified, legitimate dropshippers that you can work with directly. Beyond the free dropshippers directory and finding products to sell, Inventory Source can provide you with an automated ecommerce website or manage your dropship products on your own website or marketing channels for you, making sure you always have accurate product information and do not sell out of stock items. With a range of options, starting of course with the free dropshipper directory, it is a great resource for any online seller.

Dropshippers DirectoryWorldwide Brands – Dropshippers Directory and Merchant Tools
Worldwide Brands is perhaps the most well-known company in the dropshippers arena and provides access to a wealth of information for new sellers along with their core product, the dropship source directory. For anyone looking to explore dropshippers with in-depth analysis and extensive educational information, this is a fantastic resource.

Dropshippers and WholesalersSalehoo – Dropshippers Directory
Salehoo is another paid directory, but provides an extensive collection of wholesale dropshippers from around the world, including a large catalog of international dropshippers. Salehoo also has an extremely active member community and educational tools for any seller and provides an ongoing resource and community of experts to learn from.

Doba – Dropship Product Sourcing
Doba is different than a directory, and will actually provide you with the products to sell. If you are just getting started and looking for an easy way to test the waters and start selling, then give the Doba free trial a check. Once you create an account you can start selling from their large collection of suppliers and have Doba be your source of products to sell. Doba’s wholesale prices range quite a bit, but it is one of the easiest ways to find a huge collection of products available for you to sell instantly.

A final word: Free Dropshippers and Products to Sell

When researching products to sell for your business, there are many scams and useless information brokers on the internet. You should only work with free dropshippers that do not charge a service fee just to sell their products. Many wholesale dropshippers will require a deposit toward future purchases, which can be fine in some cases, but be sure you are only working with free dropshippers to make sure you are not wasting money by working with the wrong suppliers.

Once you have your dropshippers and products to sell, the natural next step is to start selling! For free resources about online marketplaces where you can sell your products, don’t forget to check out the free directory of online marketplaces using the Marketplacester directory.

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