Ecommerce Marketing and Ecommerce SEO

All retail websites need to have an ecommerce marketing strategy, incorporating both the ecommerce SEO for your main website as well as overall marketing for your products and where to sell online beyond your own website.

What is the best ecommerce marketing strategy, and what can you do for better ecommerce SEO?

One option that should be used by every retail merchant is to sell on the available online marketplaces where you can list your products. There are many sites where you can list products for free, as well as various selling formats including auctions, classifieds, comparison shopping, and coupons or deal of the day sites. There are hundreds of places that you can list your products for sale and get a double-impact result for your ecommerce marketing.

How does selling through online marketplaces help your SEO and ecommerce marketing strategy?

Many existing marketplaces have high PageRank and the ability to create your own profile and link free of charge. Beyond that, the product listings you create can also often include links to your site, giving you added SEO in addition to the direct customer exposure you get on the marketplace from having a listing. This is a double-impact for your ecommerce marketing strategy.

So how do you find the best online marketplaces to support your ecommerce marketing?

Simply searching for sites like ebay, craigslist, and others can give you a good idea of what online marketplaces you can sell on. Thankfully, there are free resources that have done this work for you. The Marketplacester online marketplace directory is a completely free resource to easily see every marketplace where you can sell your products, including additional information such as page rank, ability to list for free, ability to link to your site, and much more. It is free and gives you all of this information readily available to support your ecommerce marketing efforts.

If you are not selling aggressively in online marketplaces currently or are looking for more places to list for free, sell your products, or boost your ecommerce marketing efforts, check out Marketplacester and catch up with the competition.  View all Online Marketplaces where you can sell for free here: Online Marketplaces Directory

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